How to Write “How to” Content

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This is not actually a guide on “how to” write about anything, but if it was, I’m pretty sure you would’ve found this post through a “how-to” search on Google.

Looking up information has become extremely easy and convenient. We can just pick up our phones and look up whatever it is we want to learn about, and with the amount of information online, you can find a how-to guide for pretty much anything you can think of. According to YouTube, how-to videos have grown over 70% during the past year, which shows how users are looking for content that breaks down the information and turns it into an entertaining experience. Google’s Top How-To Searches for this year includes ““how to kiss” at number 1 (yes kiss), “how to tie a tie”, “how to draw”, and even “how to whistle”. The list could go on and on, but what about more complicated situations like how to buy a house, how to choose an insurance plan or even how to find an engagement ring?’s campaign gave a spin to the home buying process. They took a COMPLICATED PROCESS, translated it into a SIMPLER LANGUAGE and added, of course, a CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT. Elizabeth Banks stars in the five-episode YouTube series with funny situations that educate potential homeowners about the different steps of buying a house.

If thinking of proposing wasn’t enough pressure, try adding the pressure to find a ring. The microsite is a great guide for guys to find the perfect ring. Just like, it makes the situation a little less overwhelming and actually lets guys, and even girls, learn about every detail that can help them buy exactly the ring they need.

Once again, this is an opportunity for brands to create content that is engaging and entertaining while educating and preparing consumers for any situation.

This is how to share.

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